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Published: 25 Nov 2021

Identifying the Broad Areas in Financial Research Paper

Understanding the broad areas helps you narrow down your options when writing a finance research paper. It is always advisable to focus on areas that interest you as a writer, but also on areas that are not exhausted. By doing so, you are more likely to add more value to the existing financial research literature.

Commercial Paper for a Retail Firm

Commercial paper is a type of debt that is usually used for financing payroll, accounts payable and inventories. Commercial paperaturities range from several days to 270 days. The denominations of the commercial paper offerings are large because they are issued by large institutions.

Other corporations, financial institutions, wealthy individuals, and money market funds are usually buyers of commercial paper. Commercial paper is used when a retail firm is looking for short-term funding to finance some new inventory for the upcoming holiday season. The firm needs $10 million and it offers investors $10 million in commercial paper in exchange for $10 million in cash.

Liquidity in the Commercial Paper Market

A commercial paper is a short-term debt obligation that issued by financial institutions and large corporations as an alternative to costlier methods of funding. It is a money market instrument that has a maturity of up to 270 days. A fixed interest rate is paid on a commercial paper.

It is sold at a discount due to the somewhat risky nature of the security. Corporations face a short-term need to cover expenses and need commercial paper. Commercial paper is less relevant than other debt instruments, but it is still a potential risk.

White Papers

A white paper is an informational document written by a company or not-for-profit organization to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product, or service that it offers. White papers are used to present government policies and legislation. White papers are often written to entice or persuade potential customers to learn more about a product, service, technology, or methodology.

They are designed to be used as a marketing tool before a sale, and not as a user manual or other technical document to provide support to the user after making a purchase. White papers are different from other marketing materials. A white paper is a document that is meant to give persuasive and factual evidence that a particular offering is a superior method of approaching or solving a problem or challenge.

White Paper for Marketing and Sales

White papers are being used for marketing and sales. They are used to discuss the potential uses of a new product and how it can help increase the efficiency of processes in companies. A white paper is a marketing tool that promotes the company through sponsorship.

The company gains sales leads when the paper is distributed. The audience is the first factor that is considered when writing a white paper. They can be longstanding customers of the company or new customers who will learn more about the business through the document.

The white paper needs to be written by someone with extensive industry knowledge of the product or service and a thorough understanding of the subject at hand. The document should highlight how the product can benefit customers and provide in-depth research on the product. The introduction is about the white paper.

The main points of the document are discussed. The customer can identify if the content in the report is relevant to them. The introduction and problem statement are tied together to discuss the product and all its features in the information section.

An outline for a comprehensive financial analysis paper

The procedure of writing a financial analysis paper can be used to ensure that an investor gets all the information they need. The outline below is for the primary sections of a financial analysis paper. The part can be either the bull or bear story in the investment thesis, but it helps to detail the key aspects that might disrupt either an optimistic or bearish stance.

The above mentions sections can prove sufficient, but other parts of the paper may be added based on the things that are covered during a financial analysis. A comprehensive financial analysis paper can be written about parts that are meant to cover corporate governance, political environment or near-term news flow. The paper must include anything significant that can affect the future value of a stock.

The Financial Times

The Financial Times believes in free trade and free markets. Since its founding it has supported liberal democracy, favouring classically liberal politics and policies from international governments. The FT publishes a variety of financial indices, including the FTSE All-Share Index.

The paper has linked it with a white-collar and educated readership since the late 20th century. The main editorial office, publishing house, and corporate centre of the Financial Times are located in Bracken House, which is near the financial centre. The two sections of the FT are the same.

The first section covers domestic and international news, editorial commentary on politics and economics from the FT journalists, and opinion pieces from globally renowned leaders, policymakers, academics and commentators. Financial data and news about companies and markets are included in the second section. It is a financial newspaper but also contains TV listings, weather and other more informal articles.

There are about 120 journalists outside the United Kingdom. The first section has a daily feature on the back page called the lexic column. It has analyses and opinions on global economics.

The agenda-setting column is called by the FT. The column was first published in 1945. The Latin expression for "merchant law" is what the name may have originally stood for.

A Note on the Selection of a Topic that is Unrelated to Its Research

You have to choose a topic that is unrelated to the one you are discussing. There are many things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a great research topic, such as its relevance in terms of contemporary application, its connection with the previous research works, the nature of the research question, etc. You will have to make sure that the topic is very easy to understand the problem that you are researching.

Paper Profits

Any increase in value of your asset is a paper profit or a unrealized gain. If you sell the asset for more than you paid to buy it, your paper profit becomes an actual profit. You don't owe capital gains tax on paper profits, even if you use the paper value to calculate gains or losses in your investment portfolio.

The Finance Committee of a Large Firm

Business finance is the raising and managing of funds. The financial manager is usually close to the top of the organizational structure of a firm and is responsible for planning, analysis, and control operations. In large firms, the finance committee makes major financial decisions.

A Loan Application for a Company with High Credit Ratings

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The mature time for the short-term instrument is 270 days. The debt is usually issued at a discounted rate. Companies with high credit ratings are usually the issuers of commercial paper.

It is a relatively low-risk investment. If the company's credit rating is maintained, investors will be willing to buy its paper, and the company will have access to the commercial paper market. If the credit rating of the issuing company is lowered, the interest rate on the paper will increase, and the company may not be able to issue commercial paper.

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