What Is Market Harborough Like To Live In?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 27 Nov 2021

Market Harborough

Market Harborough has a population of 22,911 and over half of the residents are aged 44 or below, meaning there are many other young families living in the town.

The Grand Union Canal Marina and Three Swans Hotels

The redeveloped site of the Grand Union Canal marina has been transformed into an active boating centre, where boaters can cruise down the branch line, moor at the redeveloped site and enjoy a waterside restaurant meal. The Three Swans and Angel hotels are both historic landmarks on the High Street and are great for a lunchtime snack or grander evening meal.

The Quality of Life in the HomeCounties

The quality of life and overall price of living is more economical than market towns in the home counties, even though house prices are a little higher than the national average.

Classification of households in Market Harborough

A household and its members can be classified according to their occupation, as a result of social grade. Market Harborough has more higher and intermediate households than the national average. The population of Market Harborough is older than the national average. Market Harborough is a older persons location because of the population.

The history of Market Harborough

The steeple of St Dionysius' Church is visible from the street. The church was built in grey stone in 1300. The Old Grammar School is a small building that dates from 1614.

There is a covered market area on the ground floor and a single room on the first floor. It has become a symbol of the town. Market Harborough has two villages.

Little and Great Bowden are both located over a hill that is close to the town centre. The three centres have largely coalesced through ribbon development and infill, although Great Bowden still has a strong village identity. The Domesday Book records that in 1086, Bowden was a Royal manor.

The population lived in three villages. The name of the manor was first used in 1199 and 1227. The Royal manor is where Harborough is thought to have been formed to be a place for people who work in the trade and a market.

St Mary in Arden retained Parish Church status despite the building of a chapel dedicated to St Dionysius. The steeple of Harborough Church was finished in 1320. It is a broach spire, which rests on the walls of the tower, and are earlier than the spires that rise from behind a square tower.

The Harborough Cafe

The Harborough Museum and Harborough Library are housed in the Victorian Symington Building, which was once a corset factory. The cafe is popular with people and has lots of seating.

Market Harborough Council - A new hub for digital services

There is easy access to a wide range of shops, services and facilities within walking distance of the office, located at the heart of the attractive town centre of Market Harborough. Market Harborough, Lutterworth and Broughton Astley all have good road links with major towns and cities. Market Harborough has a number of rail links with the north and south, including direct trains to Paris, Lille and other European destinations.

The council is at the forefront of using digital channels to deliver smart services as part of its modern, forward thinking culture. You will be in a place that is at the cutting edge of service delivery. The right candidates can look forward to a high level of support from their colleagues and me.

Market Harborough, Leicestershire

Market Harborough is a market town in the Harborough district of Leicestershire, but it is actually just on the Northamptonshire-Leicestershire border, and many believe that it is in the Northants county.

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